Make Anything, Make Everything, Make Business, Make Fun, Make Things Happen


 Maker Space 307, in the Frank B. Wise Building, Fort Washakie, Wyoming, is taking shape to support creative communities by providing space, equipment and learning. In Maker Space 307 (MS307) people can co-create  or individually create art or industry, widgets or new technology. Through project based programs children and adults can learn how to create their own world of stuff and share that in a creative economy.

Maker Spaces, Fab Labs, Maker Labs, Tech Shops are a big part of the new DIY community movement. Much of the DIY phenomena is initiated and made possible by the democratization of creativity, engineering, and simple making through new technologies like 3-D printers, laser cutters and plotters. In a Maker Space you will find other familiar equipment from sewing machines to hand tools and equipment familiar to anyone who ever took a shop class or a sculpture class.

Vision: Part art studio, STEM lab, DIY, and business incubator with programs, equipment and space to
launch creative ideas, inventions and small businesses.

MS307 intends to help creative people with formal and informal training and workshops to get them going along with the equipment and space to keep them going.

MS307 staff have developed fun, no experience necessary, workshops for all of the applications of technology there are and are incorporating as many free and open source tools as possible in order to demonstrate that all this new technology is really accessible for anyone with internet and a computer.

The creation of a brick and mortar space like MS307 acknowledges the importance of community and that sharing ideas and resources propels everyone farther and so much faster than any one person can go alone.

Special Services

Corporate Team Building and Retreats

We provide materials and training for the project – you provide the goals and your staff. We use Stanford D-School processes to stimulate ideas and teamwork.

$15 per participant for each half day

Ask us for more information.

Birthday Parties

we provide the project and materials – you bring the cake and friends. Ask us for more information.

$10 per guest 

Yard Signs

For notification, campaigns, job sites.

We design it $20 ea., You provide design $15 ea. 


orange-circle (40)45 Watt CO2 laser
orange-circle (40)8 station computer lab
orange-circle (40)Filament 3D printer
orange-circle (40)Liquid 3D printer
orange-circle (40)24 inch plotter and vinyl cutter
orange-circle (40)Large format poster and map printer
orange-circle (40)Traditional hand tools
orange-circle (40)Full wood shop
orange-circle (40)Large format CNC router
orange-circle (40)Printing presses
orange-circle (40)Paper making equipment
orange-circle (40)Large Banner printer
orange-circle (40)Arc welder
orange-circle (40)MIG welder
orange-circle (40)Gas welding
orange-circle (40)Casting for non ferrous metals
orange-circle (40)Full woodshop
orange-circle (40)Metals lab
orange-circle (40)Enameling kiln



orange-circle (40)2,700 square feet of sunny open workspace
orange-circle (40)Conference rooms
orange-circle (40)Event Space
orange-circle (40)Exhibit space



orange-circle (40)Classes and Workshops
orange-circle (40)Award and trophy production
orange-circle (40)Signs
orange-circle (40)Business planning
orange-circle (40)Product development
orange-circle (40)Ideation
orange-circle (40)PTSB Teacher Training
orange-circle (40)Brochures
orange-circle (40)Posters
orange-circle (40)Graphic Design
Webpage development or supportorange-circle (40)



orange-circle (40)Window and Car Decals
orange-circle (40)Outdoor Signs
orange-circle (40)Building Directories & Signage
orange-circle (40)Posters
orange-circle (40)Banners
orange-circle (40)Name Tags
orange-circle (40)Plaques and Awards
orange-circle (40)Heat Transfer Decals for Teams or Businesses
orange-circle (40)Buttons
orange-circle (40)Maker in Residence Hours
orange-circle (40)Membership + Clubs and Guilds
orange-circle (40)PTSB – Teacher Training dates TBA
orange-circle (40)Small Business Development Programs

Volunteer: We are asking for folks who would like to volunteer to keep MakerSpace307 open one evening or weekend a month. This would enable you to set aside a specific time each month to get some of your own work done as well. Call or email us if you are interested.