orange-circle (40)Full Maker Space 307 Membership $50/year

– Includes 20 credit punch card; one punch per visit
– Project based training programs for safe appropriate use of equipment & classes to develop ideation

As we grow we appreciate input from members for new  equipment acquisitions


orange-circle (40)Members orientation
orange-circle (40)Scheduled Use of Equipment
orange-circle (40)Class Discounts for Maker Space 307 classes
orange-circle (40)Exhibition opportunities
orange-circle (40)Free Software Training
orange-circle (40)Use of Equipment and Space (See list of equipment)


orange-circle (40)16 & under must be accompanied by an adult unless attending a class
Iorange-circle (40)n house training on all equipment prior to use
orange-circle (40)Individuals provide their own materials & purchase laser and 3D printer supplies from Maker Space
orange-circle (40)Be respectful of others time and space
orange-circle (40)Leave space cleaner than you found it
orange-circle (40)Report any broken equipment
orange-circle (40)No guests
orange-circle (40)Membership does not cover services or materials
*ask about applicable service fees


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